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‘I learned what it is really like to work as a marketer in a company...’

Anna Howley BCom in Marketing
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Business and Law conferences

University of Canterbury academic staff regularly attend research and teaching conferences around New Zealand and overseas. These forums offer opportunities to present new research findings and discuss current developments in their fields of expertise.

ANZMAC conference
Marketing in a Post-Disciplinary Era

December 2016, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Marketing exists in an environment that is constantly evolving. It interfaces with psychology, tourism, management, entrepreneurship, law, economics and other social sciences. Other disciplines like engineering and natural sciences now recognise that business knowledge significantly contributes to the success of new discoveries and innovation. Increasingly, governments and research bodies encourage cross-collaborations between and among scholars in advancing new knowledge to benefit society.

ANZMAC 2016 will bring together current research based on cross disciplinary approaches and provide a forum where scholars engage in a robust conversation on the cross disciplinary impact of marketing and how marketing should look in this environment.

Pacific Human Rights conference

8-10 December 2014, Auckland

The College of Business and Law, along with the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE), collaborated with Massey University to run a Pacific Human Rights conference in Auckland.

The conference's business breakfast was sponsored by the School of Business and Economics and brought together over 70 businesses leaders and policy makers with commercial and social entrepreneurship interests in the Pacific.

Staff from the College joined other experts in the field of Pacific development to exchange examples of best practice relating to economic development, in order to foster further investment in the region with sustainable development in mind.

Associate Professor Annick Masselot says integrating human rights into sustainable development continues to be a topical issue in the Pacific and in Aotearoa. UC researchers and students also presented their work at the conference