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Information for Postgraduate Business and Law Students

Postgraduate study is stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Advanced studies represent a high level of academic achievement which is becoming more and more necessary in the competitive legal and business environments where you need to differentiate yourself from your peers.

The College of Business and Law provides a supportive and stimulating environment for all our postgraduate students. You will interact closely with supervisors, lecturers and fellow students to collaborate and share ideas and opinions. The College is committed to teaching and research excellence and enjoys extensive links with our partner institutions. Through these international ties and visiting Erskine lecturers, you will have access to expertise in a wide range of areas that will help you to pursue your individual research interests.

Postgraduate Commerce qualifications

UC Business School offers the following postgraduate and graduate qualifications:


Masters and PhD

Graduate and Postgraduate qualifications

For more information contact a Postgraduate Coordinator or see Postgraduate Commerce Students

Postgraduate Law qualifications

The School of Law offers the following postgraduate and graduate qualifications:


  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours - LLB(Hons) - admission to the honours programme is subject to invitation by the Dean of Law

Masters and PhD

For more information see Postgraduate Law Students