Thesis in Three - College of Business and Law - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Thesis in Three Competition

Each year the University of Canterbury runs the 'Thesis in Three' competition for postgraduate students. PhD and Masters students give a three-minute presentation to describe their thesis research with only a single PowerPoint slide permitted. The top three students from each college round go onto compete in the UC final.

2016 College Round

The College of Business and Law round of the Thesis in Three competition was held on 23 August 2016.

The judges were: Ross James (Dean, Faculty of Commerce), Andrea Menclova (Economics and Finance), Annette Mills (Accounting and Information Systems), Christian Riffel (Law), and Sarah Wright (Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship).

The top three college students were:

1st Prize $1000 Julia Read (Marketing)
Apathy of ethicality? Understanding Consumers' Justification for Unethical Consumption within the Clothing Industry
2nd Prize $500 Peter Harris (Law)
The Regulation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

3rd Prize $300

Aileen Odgers (Law)
The Cutting Edge of Family Law

About the competition

  • Students have three minutes only to describe what they are doing, why they are doing it (the importance/impact of the research) and how they are doing it.
  • Only one powerpoint slide is permitted (optional) and no additional electronic media (e.g. sound or video files) or props may be used.
  • In additional to financial prozes awarded to the winners of the UC Final, there is a national Three Minute Thesis (3MT) for Master's students.