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Teaching Medal

The University of Canterbury Teaching Medal is awarded in recognition of an outstanding and sustained contribution to teaching in the University. The Teaching Medal is the University's highest award for teaching excellence.

Nominations normally open in January with an awards ceremony held later in the year.

College of Business and Law: Teaching Medal Winners

Two UC Teaching Medals were awarded in 2015 and both recipients were from the College of Business and Law.

ursula cheer
Professor Ursula Cheer

Professor Ursula Cheer

Professor Ursula Cheer, an expert in media law and defamation, has been awarded the University’s highest accolade for teaching, a University Teaching Medal in 2015.

Professor Cheer was described by the panel as an exceptional teacher who is clearly committed to making law accessible and enjoyable for her students. Despite teaching large classes, her students talk of her approachability and her passion and enthusiasm for teaching. She actively engages her students in class with innovative teaching strategies which challenge them to achieve their best. Alongside this, she is also a nationally recognised leader in research in law teaching pedagogy and is known within the Law School as a conscientious mentor of junior staff. She is a regular contributor to national television and radio, putting her research and teaching of media law in the spotlight whilst raising the University’s profile.

Professor Cheer's staff profile (School of Law website).

Professor Cheer's research profile (UC Spark)


Dr Herb de Vries

herb de vries
Dr Herb de Vries

Dr de Vries, an internationally renowned expert in management and entrepreneurship, has been awarded a University Teaching Medal in 2015. The panel described Dr de Vries’ application as a highly integrated package. He is a passionate, committed and enthusiastic teacher who is equally at home with engaging large classes whilst recognising and supporting the needs of individual students. He is widely recognised as a dedicated professional who is a team player who actively seeks feedback from colleagues and also acts as mentor and curriculum developer in the Faculty. He extends his academic activities by being actively involved with local businesses and bringing them into the classroom. He has also earned an international reputation by working with Zuel University in China and the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria.

His Head of Department, Associate Professor Paul Ballantine, himself a previous Teaching Medal recipient, describes Dr de Vries as “One of our most talented teachers who lives and breathes teaching and is constantly looking for ways to improve his teaching through research, peer review, teaching evaluations and self-reflection and by using the latest technology available. His energetic delivery, passion for the subjects he teaches and engagement with students are repeatedly described by those who know him.”

Dr de Vries' staff profile (Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship website).

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Previous teaching medal winners from the College of Business and Law

Year UC Teaching Medal
2015 Associate Professor Paul Ballantine
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Professor John Burrows
School of Law